4 Core Basics of Dog Training

4 Core Basics of Dog Training

Puppy potty training can be a challenging and frustrating experience. The process will require patience and consistent control to properly train your puppy.

Feed kitty on a regular schedule. Part of litter training your kitten is to create fixed habits which are convenient to you. Regular feeding will help lead to regular shitting and peeing. This definitely makes your life easier.

House training is likely to be the first introduction a new dog owner has to training their four legged friend. This article aims to outline a few of the potty training techniques for puppies that are considered effective and speedy.

Potty training should be done as soon as you bring the puppy home. Choose an area which can be cleaned easily. It can be your bathroom or kitchen, OR if it's outdoors then it can be your law or porch. Note that dogs can get finicky about scent so never choose an area which is near their dish or bed. Laying out several sheets of newspaper on the spot will let everyone and the dog know that it's his.

The Hit or Miss Method works because the owner makes frequent attempts to catch their puppy being good. There's no way to know exactly when he's going to feel the urge to go, but like most babies, he doesn't always know either. Until he figures out when and where he's supposed to go, he'll just do it when the moment hits him. It's the job of the pet owner to catch the puppy before he soils the carpet and direct him toward an acceptable potty area.

Whether your dog is just a puppy or well into adulthood, there are many things you, as a pet owner, need to be aware of. Training your dog is an important step in starting off on the right foot and teaching him obedience. All dogs - no matter how old - need some form of training so that they can be easily handled in all situations. A wise investment in your new best friend would be basic training or obedience classes that will help you to build a bond and learn to control your dog. TV shows, books, and articles abound on dog training, but tips that are truly effective are harder to come by if you don't do the necessary research.

Does your puppy refuse to keep pace with you while walking in the public? It is a very awkward and frustrating situation when your puppy sits down or stops when you are trying to take him for a walk. This is a great example of why puppy leash training is necessary and how it can help get rid of some of these frustrating situations. Your puppy should be trained to walk with you without being stubborn — and there is likely a reason they are being difficult. Leash training will teach your puppy to walk on a leash without causing you stress every time you go for a walk. This is an important thing to train your puppy since leash training is a very basic lesson they will need to learn before going onto more advanced lessons such as housebreaking.

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